In-Person Classes


60 Adams Street, 3rd floor, Milton, MA

It’s great to be back!

We kicked off a nine-week session that runs through March and April.  I currently have two classes on Tuesday evenings, 5:45 and 7 p.m. and they are both full.   I hope to continue classes into May/June.  Check back for more information on upcoming offerings.

Council on Aging

10 Walnut Street, Milton, MA

This beautiful space with incredibly easy parking makes for a wonderful yoga class!  The current session for my Thursday morning class at 8:45 a.m. runs through end of March and I hope to continue with another session into the springtime.  Be in touch if you are interested in checking it out.

I also offer gentle flow yoga and chair yoga to the Council on Aging community.

Online Classes

I have created a series, called “Just Enough” that you can subscribe to, coming back in the fall.  If you are not already on my email list, please join it, as that is my main way of letting people know about it!  These 30/40 minute classes are generally bundled into ten-week sessions.

The classes are geared to open, soothe, comfort and restore.  Most people will indulge in online yoga but feel an hour is too long, especially if they are doing it alone without the group dynamic of a studio class.  I have nicknamed these classes “Just Enough” because I offer centering and a good overall practice in 30 minutes with an optional ten minute svasana.  Each class is a unique gentle, and mostly floor-based flow.  Suggested playlists on Spotify will be provided as well.  A private class link will be sent to you via email each Monday morning for ten weeks.  You may play and replay the classes you receive as much as you like until the end of the session. 

I know many people have really enjoyed these classes and because they are on YouTube you can play them through your television, which might make it more enjoyable.  Just a little suggestion, the laptop works just great!

I have found such solace in those yoga practices, such peace and calm.  They are balm for the soul.  I practice everyday!  The videos are a gift at this time.  Thanks again, and again.


Oh, Fran, this was the best hour in the last two weeks, no contest!​ 

I look forward to these weekly videos, which are so beneficial during these uncertain times.


Just wanted to reach out to say thank you for these videos-they’ve been a life saver-a great way to unwind & breathe deep-much needed!!!


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