Monday PM

Winter 2021

Let’s get through the winter together with this 30-minute class (35 min+ if you take advantage of svasana).  It will be mostly floor-baseband is designed to gently open and restore.  Be in touch with any questions or to discuss if this class might be right for you:  

I have found such solace in those yoga practices, such peace and calm.  They are balm for the soul.  I practice everyday!  The videos are a gift at this time.  Thanks again, and again.


Oh, Fran, this was the best hour in the last two weeks, no contest!​ 

I look forward to these weekly videos, which are so beneficial during these uncertain times.


Just wanted to reach out to say thank you for these videos-they’ve been a life saver-a great way to unwind & breathe deep-much needed!!!


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