Fuel for a Healthy Life

How Do You Fuel Your Life?  Is it Time For a Change?

Do you ever stop to notice what your energy level is? Or is it something that is your primary focus?  Can you imagine a life with an endless supply of energy?  Imagine how productive and happy that would feel.  It would provide abundance in all areas of your life.

Every choice you make–from eating and exercise to relationships and spirituality–has the power to enhance your life.  When you begin to see life as an opportunity and start to make conscious choices to keep your energy rising, abundance will show up to greet you.

I consider food as fuel.  Like a machine or a car, when my tank is empty, I stop to fill up.  It is at these moments we need to think, “Do I choose regular unleaded, or premium fuel?”

Of course there are other types of fuel than food. How do you feel after you exercise?  If you aren’t feeling a “boost” after your workout, maybe it’s time to change things up. In addition to providing strength, balance, cardio endurance and flexibility, exercise has the capacity to GIVE energy, rather than zap you of it!

Do you find your relationships fulfilling and uplifting?  Stop to consider a few of the people you spend the most time with.  Does your energy flow in the positive or negative after these encounters? What can you bring to your relationships that will leave you filled to the brim?

What’s fueling your choices?

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