Health Coaching

Is it time to invest in yourself and make changes that will have lasting value? Feel that with a few adjustments, your life could be completely different? Trouble keeping up with what foods are “good” or “bad?”  Our bodies know what we need but we stopped intuitively listening to our bodies long ago.

I have found the best nutrition advise to come from Anthony William, author of “Medical Medium,” whose advice for me, has been life-changing.  As someone who has suffered with auto-immune diseases I have been able to reverse and minimize many symptoms with his protocol.  The suggestions are simple and straightforward and don’t require purchasing anything fancy or pre-packaged.  Understanding how to address various symptoms and working nutritionally to minimize them by eating natural, organic foods and supplements that support the body and eliminating foods and habits that do not.

Sound good?
Do you want help addressing your wellness goals and want to finally feel better? 

As a health coach, I am trained to help you reach your wellness goals. A good coach can help you transform your body, mind and spirit into the you that is waiting to be properly fed, moved, and supported. Coaches make it easy to try new foods, healthy eating behaviors, exercise options, and stress management techniques.

Your transformation starts with our first conversation. Can you imagine how it would feel if you had the support you deserve to feel better?

How Does Health Coaching Work?

As a client of my program you will:

  • Set your overall health objectives
  • Learn and incorporate the basics of Anthony William’s protocol, focusing on healing foods and supplements
  • Have access to resources to support your healing journey
  • Set attainable bi-weekly goals that will propel you to feeling better and better every day
  • Eat delicious food that makes you feel great
  • Save time and money by learning how to fit true healthy eating into your busy schedule
  • Feel less stressed, more clear-headed, and have the tools to manage stress long term
  • Feel more connected to your body, and confident in your daily relationships

All of my clients receive:

  • Personalized programs to fit your objectives, schedule, resources, and lifestyle
  • After your initial consultation we’ll meet at least twice a month in person, by telephone or via Skype
  • Between sessions we’ll check in as much as you need so that you can stay on track
  • My unconditional support and respect

If you think health coaching might be right for you, schedule a complimentary health consultation today. During the consultation we’ll discuss if coaching might be a good fit and strategize about your next steps.

Health Coaching: Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

I decided to meet with Fran because I felt stuck.  I was stuck in old habits, stale thinking, low motivation and low energy.  Although I thought I generally knew what I should do to feel healthy, I was not doing it and I wanted some motivation and accountablility. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began working with Fran, but what I got was so much more than I imagined.  Fran is a careful and caring listener who heard my concerns and then offered well thought out and researched ideas and suggestions that were tailored to my needs.  She championed my progress and thoughtfully discussed my frustrations and challenges.  By holding me accountable to new habits, I have successfully incorporated them into my daily life. 

Fran not only heard me, she challenged me, supported me and truly believed in me.  I was touched by her caring and compassion and have been positively changed by working with Fran.”
-Beth, Milton


“I started my health coaching sessions with Fran last spring. At the time I was feeling tired and overwhelmed. Fran helped me identify goals for myself that could help bring my energy back and my life into balance. Some of these included changing my diet, getting enough sleep, getting organized for my day and the importance of exercise and quiet time.

Health coaching helped me by making me aware of my negative patterns and habits, getting off gluten and becoming aware of dairy and carbs’ effect on me, and providing lots of support so that I could get motivated to make changes.

Fran has a wonderful nurturing and supportive approach as well as lots of great ideas for nutrition! She provided me with a ton of resources.

I would highly recommend Fran for health coaching to anyone who needs some direction, motivation, guidance and support for their health goals!” – Therese, Milton


“Most of the problems people go to their doctors for are chronic, lifestyle-related questions, and doctors don’t have the time to treat them,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, a New York physician who uses six health coaches in his practice. “Health coaches can give patients specific recipes and hold their hands. I don’t have the time to do that.”
– Men’s Journal: “The Rise of the Health Coach”





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