There is no better way to calm the swirl of the mind than meditation.  It isn’t a complete cessation of thought; it’s more of a pause button.  It’s the permission you need to give yourself to be unattached to any thought, whether it be in the past or future.  Much of our angsty feelings stem from the past and our anxiety lives in our feelings of the future. Being here, now, in a dedicated meditation program creates the space to exhale, pause, and flood the body with healing hormones.  Your yoga practice is a “meditation in motion,” giving you similar peace.  It is said that the asana practice, or yoga practice, is a prelude to meditation.

I am pleased to partner with friend and meditation teacher, Elaine Davis, to offer 25 minute meditation classes carefully positioned after the Monday and Wednesday evening gentle flow classes.  I hope you’ll join us.

Fall 2018 Classes Registration

Email to register for the Meditation class/es you are interested in.  Meditation classes at 7:05 on Mondays and 8:20 on Wednesdays will follow the gentle flow yoga classes.

Registration is open now!

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