Custom Flow

This is a very unique offering!
You can have yoga-to-go (especially handy during the summer months!) and be able to craft exactly what you want in your practice!

Here is how it works:

Two private sessions together with me in your home, with a little bit of time in between them for me to do my homework.

First session:

  • Co-design the flow
  • Go over your objectives (for example, how long you want it to be, the focus of the practice such as “hips” or “all around,” or “strengthening of a certain area”).
  • Select poses
  • Talk through which poses I might suggest and why, selecting favorites of yours to build in (or leave out!). I’ll give you a lot of options for how to construct it.
  • Run through the flow once after we’ve scoped it.

Break between sessions:

  • I’ll type up your flow, one line per pose, in large type (you decide how large you need it).
  • The flow will be place in a plastic sleeve to protect it.

Second session:

  • We will go over the guide I’ve created of your custom practice.
  • Briefly run through the flow just to make sure you understand each pose and each transition.
  • We will talk through any questions or issues that come up when you see it on paper and then feel it (if there are any major additions/subtractions I will edit the form for you!).
  • We roll out your mat and I will use YOUR cell phone to create a voice recording of the flow as I simply teach you the flow as if it were a class (and you take that class!).
  • We normally do this in a quiet area of your home (turning off phones and minimizing distracting noises as much as possible) so there are no distracting noises.
  • We take the flow from beginning to end (without any editorial or commenting on how you happen to be doing that day so it is usable in the future).
  • We rename your flow on your phone.
  • As an aside, once you sync with iTunes you’ll have it uploaded and saved.

I charge two private hours, or a total of $200, for the Custom Flow.  If we need more time, which sometimes happens, you’ll only be charged for the two hours.

We need an hour or so on two mutually agreeable days, ideally within a week or so of one another.
Email me to schedule:

“It is such a gift to have my individualized yoga flow recorded on my iPhone. Simple to use, available “on demand,” it is a worthwhile investment for mind and body wellness!  My Custom Flow has been my back up plan for those times when I don’t have a class but want to keep up my practice.  Fran works your favorite poses into a recording that is ready at your fingertips.  It makes me so happy to take my practice with me on vacation and enjoy the a guided flow whenever I feel the need!”

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