Upcoming Yoga Classes

Summer Session 2018
I will be holding a three-week session in July at the First Congregational Church in Milton, only teaching Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings, for a total of four classes per week.

Classes are bundled together in sessions and payment is due at the start of each session.  The cost per class averages $15.

Vinyasa Classes
My classes are all vinyasa classes, which simply means the poses flow one into the other.  Vinyasa is often referred to as a “flow” class. Regardless of the class you choose, keep in mind that everyone benefits from a regular yoga practice: strengthening, lengthening, relaxation, improved breathing, and mindfulness to name just a few.

Gentle Flow: More time in floor poses and which is a bit more gentle on the body; no yoga experience is required.

Vigorous Flow: At times this class will move quickly and/or have longer, more difficult holds and the class is intended for someone with some yoga experience.

All-Levels Flow: I will offer modifications for everyone whether you want to take it up or down a notch.  If you are new to yoga you will find it safe and comfortable and if you are experienced you’ll be able to modify to get the most out of your practice.

Here are specific dates and costs for the SUMMER 2018 SESSION:

Wednesday Evening Vinyasa:

6-7 p.m.
July 11, 18, 25
Three class session: $45

Wednesday Evening Vinyasa:

7:15 – 8:15  p.m.
July 11, 18, 25
Three class session: $45

Friday Morning Vinyasa
8 – 9 a.m.Friday Morning Vinyasa
July 13, 20, 27
Three class session: $45

9:15 – 10:30 a.m.
July 13, 20, 27
Three class session: $45

Custom Flow: a double-private with lasting value
This is a popular pre-summer investment many people take advantage of to keep their focused practice going all summer.  I can customize a flow for you depending on your needs.  You might be interested in a flow designed for a specific area of the body,   or perhaps you have a physical condition you need to support, or you want to build skills in a particular area of your practice.  Maybe you’d simply like a class you can take with you on vacation.  I offer a two-part private session to brainstorm and refine what you’d like in your custom flow, and then teach it to you while voice recording it.
Please see the “Custom Flow” Page of my website for more details!
Private Yoga Sessions
I work with individuals to take their practice to the next level.  Whether you are a beginner trying to learn the basics, or an expert looking to dive deeper into your practice, the one-on-one time may be just what you need.
Private Chair Yoga
Are you or someone you know unable to practice yoga on the mat but still want the strengthening and flexibility of a yoga practice?  I’ve developed a flow from toes to crown the works on every area of the body, using functional movement and yoga principles, all from a seated position.  I offer private chair yoga in peoples’ homes.

The yoga studio at Milton’s First Congregational Church, located on the second floor at 495 Canton Avenue, just across from the Milton Public Library.  Once you sign up for a class, I’ll send you the code for the front door, as well as parking specifics.

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