It started with some crazy ideas and one flip.  And mercury being in retrograde was also in play (still is!).

We invited some folks to stay with us for the summer.  Yep, the whole summer, and the family felt the squeeze.  Suddenly finding ourselves together and alone in the house was a luxury, and we started to cherish the surprise family time like we had found a hidden jewel.

In July another reminder of how precious our family unit was came when a flip off a dock nearly ended in a variety of nasty ways, but magically somehow didn’t.  It was Christmas in July.  And again, we found ourselves holding onto what was most dear.

With so much in the air (flips, and mercury, remember?) I also flipped–my business that is–into a new space, just a mile down the road to a fantastic studio.  It is a beautiful, airy place and I know it is going to be an exciting new chapter.

Change is really the only thing we can truly count on.