In-Person Yoga Classes

Westport, MA

I am excited to teach for the first time in Westport on Friday Mornings in July at 9 a.m.  I am calling it “Yoga at The Point.”  We will meet at the United Methodist Church, 1912 Main Road, Westport, MA 02791

I am hoping to have enough interest to launch this new class. It is a large, airy space with fantastic ventilation.  Be in touch to register at

Yoga at The Point
Howland Hall at United Methodist Church
1912 Main Road, Westport Point, MA

Friday mornings, 9-10 a.m.

Moderate-Gentle Flow
July  8, 15, 22, 29
Four class session $80

Milton, MA

Santosha: 60 Adams Street, 3rd floor, Milton, MA

We are in a session that runs through mid-June.  I currently have two classes on Tuesday evenings, 5:45 and 7 p.m. and they are both full.   I hope to continue classes in the fall.  Check back for more information on upcoming offerings.

Council on Aging:10 Walnut Street, Milton, MA

This beautiful space with incredibly easy parking makes for a wonderful yoga class!  The current session for my Thursday morning class at 8:45 a.m. runs through mid-June and I hope to continue with another session in September.  I also offer gentle flow yoga and chair yoga to the Council on Aging community. 

Online Classes

I have created a series, called “Just Enough” that is currently on hold.  These 30/40 minute classes have been bundled into ten-week sessions.  I may consider holding them again in the fall if there is interest.

The classes are geared to open, soothe, comfort and restore.  Most people will indulge in online yoga but feel an hour is too long, especially if they are doing it alone without the group dynamic of a studio class.  I have nicknamed these classes “Just Enough” because I offer centering and a good overall practice in 30 minutes with an optional ten minute svasana.  Each class is a unique gentle, and mostly floor-based flow.  Suggested playlists on Spotify will be provided as well.  A private class link will be sent to you via email each Monday morning for ten weeks.  You may play and replay the classes you receive as much as you like until the end of the session. 

Fran’s classes are yoga for the body and soul, allowing for stretching and centering at the same time. She gives space to push yourself or to take it easy and gives equal value to both choices. Each class starts with a thoughtful intention that is always exactly what you need to hear in that moment, and her playlists are always on point! Fran’s classes are no-pressure, come-as-you-are, welcoming and encouraging safe places to remember how to breathe and to stretch and strengthen your body and mind. 


Fran’s yoga is holistic. It is geared towards the body and the mind: it is great exercise; starting off gently and moving towards more challenging poses, then winding down at the end; it is calming and centering; and she always starts the class with an intention. She brings us back to the intention at the end of the class and the poses that we do during the class relate to the intention in a subtle but significant way. She always has a terrific  playlist, different each time. She makes sure her students do the poses correctly so we don’t get injured. And Fran has a great sense of humor. Her class never feels competitive, just restorative on so many levels!


Fran’s yoga sessions offer a wonderful balance of mindfulness and physical challenge. This isn’t a mass produced class where you feel like a number. Every class has an intention (kind of like a little theme of the day) to focus your practice. The flows and poses can be adapted whether you are just starting or have practiced yoga for years. Everyone gets just enough attention so you feel confident in what you’re doing without being singled out. And the music is always a great addition. I highly recommend Fran’s classes.


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