My Classes

My classes are mostly all vinyasa classes, which simply means the poses flow one into the other.  Vinyasa is often referred to as a “flow” class. Regardless of the class you choose, keep in mind that everyone reaps benefits from a regular yoga practice: strengthening, lengthening, relaxation, improved breathing, and mindfulness to name just a few.  Classes are bundled in sessions.

Gentle Flow

More time in floor poses and which is a bit more gentle on the body; no yoga experience is required.

All Levels

I will offer modifications for everyone whether you want to take it up or down a notch.  If you are new to yoga you will find it safe and comfortable and if you are experienced you’ll be able to modify to get the most out of your practice.

Vigorous Flow

At times this class will move quickly and/or have longer, more difficult holds and the class is intended for someone with some yoga experience.

Geared For Men

But open to everyone!