Maybe it’s why I like high tide so much.  Walking through Boston or any other harbor, seeing the water level super high just makes me smile. It’s a fullness close to bursting, there is no room for any more–the abundance of it never ceases to astound me.  If only we could feel that high tide on the inside.  Often we feel the opposite, like something is missing, not quite right, that we are lacking, or not enough.  With Thanksgiving just a stone’s throw away, it’s certainly time to give thanks.  And incorporating a gratitude practice in your life on a regular basis can have profound effects on your outlook & mood; coming into that mental position of “I am enough, I have enough” can float you up like a good high tide, creating a sense that there is nothing missing.  This week in my classes we focused on holding gratitude, not only because it is a mental game changer, but also because it feels right to acknowledge the abundance, that high tide, in our lives.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.