My alma mater invites me to tune in each year to what they refer to as “Lessons & Carols” which is a lovely service with the college choir singing beautiful Christmas carols, filling the chapel with song. This week in my classes we did our own little riff on lessons & carols, and rather than focus on carols, we spent time contemplating the year that was 2019, searching for lessons.

As we meander through our year, time can seem like a runaway train. Life happens so fast and we are hurtled through time and space, often without time to absorb what is happening. Sitting with the year to reflect on the many moments we’ve experienced, some seismic, others ordinary, to glean lessons is a great practice. Yes, lessons, because everything and everyone ultimately is a teacher. Many of these lessons you probably didn’t sign up for and might rather not reflect upon, but there are valuable take-aways from even the stuff that was rugged during the year.

Sit with your year and the gifts and lessons you’ve taken from it. And then hold gratitude for those priceless lessons. It is a beautiful way to wrap up the year and prepare for the transition to the next one.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season filled with your own unique version of lessons and carols.