Embracing Imperfection

“Is this paleo, Mom?” said my son last night as he bit into a piece of quiche.  “Yup, it is honey,” I replied.  My kids can pretty much count on paleo dinners, so the nod I got after he dug into the quiche wasn’t too surprising.  What does surprise me is how my husband and two teenage boys have fully embraced this way of eating since I transitioned to paleo about seven months ago.

I have found the transition to cooking paleo really simple.  Most of the time there is some kind of protein and lots of vegetables on the plate.  For example, tonight’s dinner is going to be grilled organic chicken breasts and dandelion greens (assuming I get home from yoga and soccer pick up in time to cook!).  Last night was a veggie quiche with a fabulous paleo crust and a salad of arugula, grapefruit, and avocado.  Simple stuff.  The beautiful part of eating this way is that it just isn’t complicated.

I know I am taking great care of my family when I am cooking this way and that brings me comfort.  I am also comforted by not seeking perfection.  I believe in enjoying the journey, whether it is on a yoga mat or engaging in a new lifestyle, such as the paleo lifestyle, and don’t strive for perfection every day.  That means not being strict, allowing the boundaries to bend, and to be open to living in an 80/20 world, where 80% of the time, I’m cooking and eating cleanly.

What is happening the other 20% of the time?  Well, for me it might be a sweet, like dark chocolate, or my hands down favorite, turtles (you know, those chocolate, carmel, and cashew creations from the heavens).  I might sprinkle a little goat cheese on my salad.  For others it might be eating legumes or potatoes.  It doesn’t matter; what does matter is not taking it to an unsustainable place, and embracing imperfection.



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