I was struck while driving last weekend at the show of support for Ukraine. There were so many billboards with the Ukrainian flag, with statements like “We Stand With Ukraine,” and it warmed my heart. In many instances the sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, was also on display. I also saw many members of …

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Take a Knee

Seems like a goofy title during this time of unrest, time of realignment.  This week my online class is called “Take a Knee in Solidarity” (so yes, there are 8-10 low lunges, you’ve been warned!). I was overjoyed to read the NFL has reversed its previously incomprehensible stance regarding “taking a knee” of four years …

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This week in my online yoga classes we are examining our lives, looking at how things have shifted in them, and determining where we want to go from here. I am asking people to think of their lives as a puzzle.  There is a new configuration, a new puzzle that has taken shape by our …

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Team Duncan

It was an exciting week culminating last night. No, it wasn’t the Democratic debate, although that was pretty exciting. I taught a benefit class for “Team Duncan,” a Pan Mass Challenge team honoring the memory of a friend’s sister, Duncan Driscoll Finigan. We managed to put it together in just under a week. The room …

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Fall Leaves


Last weekend we took a drive to Vermont and the foliage was amazing. As New Englanders we are surrounded by the changing seasons and nothing really compares to vibrancy of colors–it’s really breathtaking. So we are conditioned to be used to the changes of seasons. But we experience so much change internally as well. Some …

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Last week we traveled to California for parents weekend where our son is in college.  It was wonderful to see him and experience a slice of his life there.  We walked for miles, caught up, grabbed a few dining hall lunches, and dinners out, and enjoyed the programming for the parents.  The school put on …

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