Colorful Sunset


I have found myself countless times this summer switching my phone to “low battery mode.” It is often the state that we are in, with lives that are “crazy busy,” oftentimes with crushing responsibilities. But it is summer!  And I hope that your summer has given you the opportunity to slow down a bit, breathe a little more slowly, and rejuvenate a bit…get out of your “red zone.”

At the moment I find myself alongside a lake. EB White (as in author Charlotte’s Web and more…), used to vacation here years ago. He referred to this lake, with its tall pines hugging the coast, as a “cathedral.” It feels so apropos; it is a sacred place, at least for me. Perhaps you know the feeling of a place that, without fail, you find yourself resetting on every level–mind, body, spirit. Perhaps at a beach, a mountain, a lake or simply gazing at a sunrise or sunset somewhere can bring you that much-needed sense of calm. Even just thinking about it, imagining your “happy place,” can have an effect.  Our everyday experiences can distance us from peace, so resetting and recharging is vital. Nature does this best, activating our root chakra–it offers reassurance that everything will be alright–and so we can unravel the tension a bit better.

I am gearing up for another “school year” of yoga classes, workshops, and the like. I’d love to hear from you if you have any specific interests as I sit here, lakeside, planning. Something about having a big wide open expanse of a lake, no walls or ceiling to confine me, offers great possibility!

Enjoy your August and I hope to have the honor of teaching you this fall.


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