Problem Solved

As someone who has trouble with gluten and doesn’t eat dairy (or much of it), let’s just say being invited to a dinner party is kind of tricky.  I often bring an appetizer simply because that way I can be assured that while everyone is noshing on their chips & dip and cheese & crackers that I will have something to nibble on.  And it takes some planning to do that, and time, and sometimes I don’t have either of them.

Oh my goodness, the appetizer problem is finally solved!  I am so excited to share that today I met with my friend, Dan LiBoissonnault, who recently launched Dan’s Power Plant.  He is making artisan raw crackers that are completely delicious!  And to boot, he let me sample his latest “fauxmaggio” made of macadamia nuts and cashews with delicious flavorings.  I can just grab these tasty treats and head out to a party (or enjoy them at home!).  And rather than worry that I am eating something that doesn’t support my body, I know I am eating nutrient dense food, filled with sustaining protein and, most importantly, they are completely yummy.

Problem solved!!  Thank you, Dan!

Check out his products at  The Sriracha exSEEDingly RAW crackers are my fave 🙂

photo(4) Dan's Crackers

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