Going Home

I had a wonderful visit with my parents, siblings and their families last weekend.  It was good for the soul, so nourishing.  When we surround ourselves with people who unconditionally love us, that is how it is.

In my yoga classes this week, I taught on visiting our own “home” inside us, our sparkling light within, where our soul resides.  We are often too busy in our day-to-day lives to uncover it and connect with it, to make the trip.  Sometimes we need to sit and meditate to connect, other times roll out the mat, or go for a long walk; it’s different for everyone.  But that connection is vital to our existence.

I’ve heard the reason that people crave milk is that it is comforting, like being in the care of your mother.  I think I’ve even read that when people hit rocky times they crave dairy just because it gives them that motherly comfort.

As someone who is dairy free, working on resolving a leaky gut, I use a lot dairy-free milks, such as coconut milk or almond milk.  I was recently made aware that a key ingredient in many of these milks, carrageenan, may not be good for you–I was specifically advised to stay away from it.  So yesterday I made my first batch of almond creamer (a bit richer than milk).  We had it in our coffee today and it was delicious!

So while you may not get the same comfort in it as going home, either literally or figuratively, I think you’ll at the very least think it is tasty–and it is a snap to whip up.


Almond Creamer
1 1/2 cups of whole organic almonds (unroasted, unsalted)3 cups of filtered water
Nut milk bag (you can buy them at Whole Foods)

Take the almonds and place them in a glass bowl and let them soak in room temperature water for 24 hours.  This allows for the minimization of phytic acid inherent in almonds which is crucial because it binds to minerals and blocks their absorption (not good!).

Rinse the almonds after soaking and place in a high powered blender with 3 1/2 cups of filtered water.  Blend on high for 1.5- 2 minutes, or until completely smooth and milky.

Straining the milk through the bag this can take a little while once the majority of liquid passes.  Squeeze it out with your hands and let gravity do the rest of the work (see photo below).

The yummy yield is about 19 ounces (2 1/4 cups).


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