Top Three for 2016

I was recently asked to contribute to a newsletter to get people focused on healthy habits for 2016.  I thought I would share it here as well.  Happy reading.

My Top Three Tips for 2016

As you enter this new year you are likely to start thinking of what new habits will serve you well, habits that you can incorporate into your life to be the best version of yourself. The start of a new year is filled with endless possibilities for you to explore! Here are three tips I hope will become habits:

1. Just Eat Real Food (JERF)
Take a hard look at the food you are eating. Does it come in a package? What is in it? Do you recognize every ingredient? Most packaged foods are filled with sodium, preservatives, and agents to enhance flavor that are chemically composed. Opt for healthy and natural fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, naturally raised meats and wild caught fish. The closer to nature, the better. Here is a great site with ten reasons to cut processed food:

2. Cut back on sugar
This is a big one. Just this week, the FDA proposed minimizing sugar intake as it is causative in many different types of diseases, not just diabetes. Read the article in the Boston Globe here Also, sugar can increase the chance of the development of breast cancer tumors and hasten their development, according to a new study published this week. Listen to the story here: So dramatically minimize your intake. If you need help breaking the sweet sugar habit, try sipping on lemon water throughout the day to not only alkalize the body but to cut out the sugar cravings!

3. Breathe
Just 8-10 long slow breaths invites the parasympathetic nervous system to come to your rescue and create a sense of calm. It allows the brain to recognize you are in a safe environment, giving way not only to a more peaceful self, but allowing your hormones to function optimally, and your digestion and sleep to improve. Consider taking mini breaks throughout your day to focus on slowing the breath—even set a timer one of your devices! Breathwork is often a common focus in a good yoga class, and you can read the value of yoga and breathing here:

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