This past Saturday evening my husband and I were driving to dinner when we spotted the moon.  It was not an ordinary moon, but an enormous moon, hovering at the horizon, brightly lit with all kinds of oranges and some clouds.  It was a spectacular sight and it stopped us in our tracks.  We pulled over and I tried to take a photo that would capture it, to no avail.  The beauty and mystery of that moon was greater than any we’d ever seen.  I read later it was a super moon, called the Hunter’s moon.  This photo was on the National Geographic website.

When we stumble upon something in nature like that, something so breath-taking and amazing, it can wake up a part of us and make us remember that we are but a child of the universe.  We are all just children of the universe, here together,to quote Ram Dass, “just walking each other home.”  So the moon and other natural wonders reminds us of how connected we all are.  In this election season where there is so much division, it’s vital that we take a moment to reflect on this unifying thought.  It’s vital and healing for humanity to feel bound together.

I’m a big believer that there is no such thing as a coincidence.  Perhaps the timing of that magnificent moon was there as a reminder that we are ALL just children of the universe.

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