Coming back to stillness.  That is what it all about.

We unrolled our mats.  For many of the people in the room it was the first time they had done so all summer, others had kept their practice up; different for everyone.  Tall seat, eyes closed, tuning in to the inner self, the breath, being still.  The summer with its beauty keeps us on the run, as we try to leverage the bounty of the season. And getting kids settled into school can feel like it’s as much a new start for us as it is them.  So sitting quietly is a welcome respite from all the movement, planning, details of our lives.  As we come out of doing and into being.  Welcoming ourselves back home to ourselves, and to our mats.

Hurricane season is in full force.  So many storms are creating fear, fleeing, devastation.  So much chaos and energy.  As I look at the radar images of the swirl of the storms I am reminded of the swirls of our minds.  All the details and engagement in our lives can create our own mental swirl.  Sprinkle in a little stress or anxiety and who knows what category storm you have!

So you sit, you breathe, and you quiet the winds of the mind.  It’s the foundational element of your practice, both on and off the mat.

Guided Svasana:


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