Only 3 days?

3 Days.  That is all Dr. Sara Gottfried says it will take to reset each of your hormones by eliminating specific dietary triggers.  I already knew which one I would have to face head on: insulin.  Argh.

True confessions: I have a sweet tooth.  I don’t over indulge, but I do love some dark chocolate, and selected “paleo” desserts.  I forage a bit after lunch or dinner.  I often forget that the word “treat” means it should be a sometimes thing, and before I know it I’m eating too many, too often.  I know many people can relate.

So I read “The Hormone Reset Diet” last week and was pretty stunned by Dr. Sara Gottfried’s remarks on fasting glucose levels.  My doctor has never flagged me in the “danger zone” and technically my levels don’t fall there…UNLESS you take Dr. Sara’s advice.  I was stunned to find out my numbers are elevated according to her.  And I come from a long line of diabetics.  Can you say wake up call?

On Wednesday I was teaching yoga at a retirement facility and a woman in her 70s came up to me after class.  We spoke about her posture and her physical condition and she said she really wants to loose weight.  I suggested starting with eating fewer sweets.  She told me she had quit smoking two packs of cigarettes “cold turkey” but she just couldn’t give up sugar and sweets!  It was simply too hard.

Sugar certainly has a grip on us, most likely because it lights up our brain in the same areas as crack cocaine does. It is addictive.  And , according to the book, elevated (or slightly elevated) blood sugar is among the top reasons people hold onto extra weight especially in the belly area.  Now there is some motivation.

So I challenge you to consider the 3-day sugar elimination (including alcohol, considered “liquid sugar”).  How do you feel?  More clear headed?  Cravings gone? Notice any extra weight coming off?  Can you keep it up?

It’s not easy but if it only takes three days to reset your insulin hormone it is totally worth it!

Here is a really delicious recipe I made this week to help satisfy myself while I’m in sugar withdrawls.  Hey, every little bit helps 😉

Ayurvedic Dal

  • Servings: 4-6 as a side
  • Difficulty: super easy!
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2T coconut oil (can substitute with olive oil)
2 chopped onions
2 c yellow split peas
1 T grated ginger (I used “Ginger People’s” pregrated ginger)
Spices: 1 t salt, 2T curry, 2T cumin, 1t chili powder,
4 cups broth, 2 cups water

Saute the onions in the oil till translucent.  Add the ginger and spices and stir around a bit for 2 minutes.  Add the split peas, broth and water, bring to a boil then cover and lower to simmer.  Cook about an hour until the peas totally fall apart and get mushy.


2 thoughts on “Only 3 days?”

  1. Good morning. I have read and then reread the post about eliminating sugar and trying to reset insulin in 3 days. Have you done this? You mentioned alcohol but I wanted to go over what else I would eliminate. I am guessing bread, cereals (oatmeal?), pretty much anything processed. What about fruit, dried and fresh? Sounds like I’ll be chomping on a lot of veggies!

    1. Hi Cathy, the seven resets are sequential. She gets to insulin second after estrogen (the reset is basically eliminating red meat and eating wild caught fish and organic chicken and eaiting 4+ cups of veggies. Grains–including gluten, fruit and more are covered in the book as well, in various resets.
      I’m on day ten and feeling really good. Food cravings are gone which is a great sign. Feeling really “even”…..I hope you’ll try it!

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