It’s a Wonderful Life

Life is funny.  We get mired in the details of things.  We get swept into drama.  We have to work hard to keep things in perspective at times.  And then there are other times when you are forced into perspective–a little variation of Clarence showing you what a wonderful life you really do have.  So whatever it is that you might be experiencing, I hope you’ll take a little time to step back and appreciate the blessings, the abundance, the goodness that exists right now.  I had the dramatic variation of this yesterday, when a loved one had a successful surgery that we’d been dreading for months.  And when I arrived at the hospital room, don’t you know the room number was my birthday.  What a gift, indeed.  I hope you’ll look for the gifts the universe is serving you up this season (and I truly hope they won’t be hospital rooms!).  With a lot of recovery time ahead in this house, we just might have to snuggle up to the classic movie with Jimmy Stewart and wait for that line…..”you see, George, you really DO have a wonderful life.”

 Many happy blessings to you this holiday season.

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