Hide & Go Seek

No wind.  I walk like a sleuth out to the end of the dock and roll out my mat.  I get myself settled into a

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alignment quote

Are you in alignment?

My husband has a shirt we purchased at a brewery in Freeport, Maine.  On the front it says “Maine Beer Company” and on the back

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It’s all about seva, or service.  Our yoga practice stirs in us the need to help others through the full body prayer that is our

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go with the flow

Going With The Flow

Last week my family and I traveled to Utah to ski.  It was my first time ever skiing out west and it was quite spectacular

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long-breath quote

A Deep Bow

Last week three separate people approached me to talk about the struggles they are having as they are dealing with parents that are aging, some

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On Hope & Faith

On Friday I taught a yoga class to benefit Saint Rock Haiti Foundation, a group that supports impoverished people in Haiti by, among other things,

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Heart Opening

I’ve been traveling a lot lately to a bucolic area where I grew up to be with family.  I’ve been making regular trips to visit

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