Maybe it’s why I like high tide so much.  Walking through Boston or any other harbor, seeing the water level super high just makes me smile. It’s a fullness close to bursting, there is no room for any more–the abundance of it never ceases to astound me.  If only we could feel that high tide …

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change quote


It started with some crazy ideas and one flip.  And mercury being in retrograde was also in play (still is!). We invited some folks to stay with us for the summer.  Yep, the whole summer, and the family felt the squeeze.  Suddenly finding ourselves together and alone in the house was a luxury, and we …

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It feels pretty outrageous to have a space of time ahead of me this summer to craft my offerings for the fall.  I am so grateful to the Tribe–those dedicated and loving individuals who showed up on their mat, week after week, to dive deeper into their practice and the teachings and meaning of yoga. …

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To Mother

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Every year I am faced with the task of teaching to a diverse group of people for whom the word “mother” means something entirely different.  For some their mothers are not with them now, for others they may simply not want to think of their mother, and others may never …

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You Did It!!

GREAT JOB, EVERYBODY!! The Yoga Tribe well exceeded its goal and raised over $1,300 for the Milton Residents Fund Holiday Gift Program.  Helping our own right here in Milton and making the holidays just a little more merry and bright!! I feel a little like Buddy the Elf…..YOU DID IT!!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR …

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